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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Never?
Never is a cutting-edge AI photo app that creates your stunning, photorealistic images. It's like having a personal digital photographer at your disposal! With Never, you can bring a touch of professional finesse to your photos, ensure your social media profiles truly pop. Say hello to a revolution in digital photography with Never!
How does the app work?
Never operates like a dream come true! Once you upload a photo, the app uses advanced AI technology to generate stunning, photorealistic images and avatars. The simplicity and effectiveness of the process will leave you spellbound.
What are the key features of the app?
Never comes loaded with a slew of features designed to set it apart from conventional photo apps. These include AI-generated photorealistic images, a wide variety of avatar styles, a user-friendly interface, and the ability to create enhanced content for your social media.
How do I download and install the app?
Downloading and installing the Never app is child's play. Simply navigate to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for "Never AI". When you see it, click on "Download" or "Install" and the app will automatically begin installing on your device. Once it's installed, open the app and follow the simple instructions to start creating your own spectacular, AI-enhanced photos!
Is the app free or does it require payment?
The Never app is free to download, but you’ll have to pay if you want to generate photos. However, there are certain premium features that require payment. Information about packages and pricing will be provided via our social channels and on the app itself.
What is the app's privacy policy?
At Never, we place a high priority on user privacy. We have implemented industry-standard security measures to protect user data and only collect and use information necessary to deliver our services and enhance the user experience. We will not share user data with third parties without explicit user consent. For more information on our privacy policy, kindly visit https://www.never.tech/privacy-policy or contact our support team.
What types of images can the app generate?
The Never app can generate a broad spectrum of high-quality, AI-generated images, from photorealistic portraits to creative avatars in up to 4k render quality.
Is the app able to generate high-resolution images?
Absolutely! The Never app is equipped to generate high-resolution images, with advanced AI algorithms employed to create detailed and ultra-realistic images that can be utilized across all your social media platforms.